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Taylor King Virtual Contest 2020-05-30 2

Michael Drolet


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Growing up in the ‘80s, I was constantly surrounded by dazzling color. Of course, I’m talking about My Little Ponies – my room was a parade of hair-body color combinations (tertiary to contrasting, monochromatic to split complementary). Whether arranging them by hue or styling their hair, the ponies taught me the power and energy of colors, textures, and friendship. After graduating with a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of the Arts, I moved to New York City to pursue acting and have had a successful career both on Broadway and touring around North America. Being an actor helps me in design in that I am able to listen to the client and truly find out what their aesthetic needs are; I’m not afraid to be as bold as my (unapologetically) loud belting voice; and, just like any good script, I like to add a little mystery, subtle nuance, and humor!


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New York, NY

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